Welcome to The LASALLE Show online exhibition.

A vibrant showcase of contemporary arts, design and performance, The LASALLE Show is a testament to the creativity of our graduating class’ finest. The show features exciting works spanning design, fine arts, film, animation, dance, music, theatre, creative writing and art therapy.

Join us here as we celebrate the culmination of our graduands’ journey at LASALLE and explore this space to discover the future leaders of our creative industries.

Message from the President

I am delighted to welcome you to the Class of 2024's graduation showcase. The LASALLE Show is the grand finale of our graduating students' journeys at LASALLE, and a testament to the remarkable imagination, creativity, and tenacious spirit that defines a LASALLE education.

These artists, designers, performers, writers, film makers, animators, arts managers, art therapists, art historians and more have created works that are original and inspiring. Their art speaks to the issues of our time — cultural and personal identity, society and community, emerging technologies, climate change and much more. I am greatly impressed by this year’s showcase and I am sure that you will be as well.

We look forward to welcoming you to our iconic McNally Campus for The LASALLE Show Exhibition, supplemented with a comprehensive online showcase. I hope you will join us in celebrating the incredible achievements of our graduating cohort.

Professor Steve Dixon
LASALLE | University of the Arts Singapore


Visit The LASALLE Show Exhibition on-campus

The on-campus exhibition is now closed.