McNally School
of Fine Arts

Wee Xuan, Bevelyn

Wee Xuan, Bevelyn

BA(Hons) Fine Arts
2018 — 2021

Bevelyn Wee is a practising visual artist from Singapore. Primarily a painter, she has since branched out to explore other media such as fibre and textiles in her artistic practice. Employing the traditional method of crocheting, her body of work challenges the norms of how crochet is conventionally used to create objects of functionality. Her works mainy revolve around the themes of labour, repetition and domestication, including works that defy the normalities of crochet's tradition to give a new contemporary take on textile craft. Bevelyn has participated in projects such as LASALLE College of the Arts X National Museum Singapore’s Home, Truly and LASALLE’s Transmissions Symposium (2021).


Order, Disorder
Cotton rope, cotton twine
Dimensions variable

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