McNally School
of Fine Arts

Edmund Kerk

Edmund Kerk

Diploma in Fine Arts
2018 — 2021

The majority of Edmund Kerk’s works takes place within the confines of painting. The translation of subjects and moments onto the canvas allows viewers to visualise them from different perspectives, sparking curiosity and re-imagination. His work covers an extensive range of intriguing themes, such as rituals, senses and social issues, mediating between realistic and contemporary art forms. His paintings focus on a semi-realistic style with processes being the primary objective. As someone who favours challenges and stepping out of his own comfort zone, he enjoys the technical process of closely reproducing visuals via paintings, while maintaining a personal approach in terms of brushwork and colour palettes, which distinguishes his paintings from a photograph.


Oil on canvas
Painting 1: 103 x 75 cm
Painting 2: 76 x 76 cm
Displayed on 65" LED screen

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