McNally School
of Fine Arts

Eva Mansor

Eva Mansor

Diploma in Fine Arts
2017 — 2021

Eva Mansor is an emerging, multidisciplinary Singaporean artist who focuses on figures and their surrounding narrative environment, in which they express various uncomfortable introspections. Bright, yet violent and disturbing, their work is inspired by the culture of imageboards of the early internet that has desensitised parts of their generation to gross ultraviolence and synchronised that effect with the intense, yet romantic human tragedies depicted in popular Russian literature. They seek to portray the pained joy of living with Pure-O OCD, dysfunctional and strange families and people in their artwork, where the best things must exist simultaneously with the worst. They favour media like painting and drawing, but also experiment with textiles and fashion design. Eva’s figures tend to be based on specific male European runway models that have come to be almost like recurring characters in their art.


Those God Forgot
Oil on canvas
Dimensions variable

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