McNally School
of Fine Arts

Sun-hwa Lee

Sun-hwa Lee

Diploma in Fine Arts
2016 — 2021

Sun-hwa Lee is a young Korean artist based in Singapore who will graduating from LASALLE in 2021. In Korea, she collaborated with a start-up enterprise to design goods based on her drawings and held a group exhibition at Shinchon Boxquare in 2019. Sun-hwa also taught fundamental arts to children as an intern at ArtMoMa which deepened her understanding of art education and child psychology. Sun-hwa works with multimedia and specialises in drawing. Her work is concerned with the co-existence of humans and nature. She enjoys evoking a sense of the sublime from black and white media and is also interested in composing minimal music that contextually corresponds to her works.


Stillness in the midst of noises
Ink on paper, laptop, speaker
160 x 300 cm

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