McNally School
of Fine Arts

Andrea Rachael Danker

Andrea Rachael Danker

BA(Hons) Fine Arts
2020 — 2022

Andrea is a Malaysian visual artist who primarily works with painting, drawing, assemblage and notation. Her focus is on the minute, and the smallness of things existing within narratives of the self, human life, and our past and present interactions. Her interests lie in the amplification of micro-stories and experiences that explore themes of displacement, constructs of home and the desire for belonging within the wider landscape of our surroundings. She has participated in group exhibitions including Chrysalis: Desiring Bodies (2021) at La Galerie Alliance Française de Singapour, In Hindsight (2017) at ICA Gallery and KUAD+ Plus Project (2016) at Tomo Gallery, Kyoto, Japan.


Making the most out of little encounters, 2022
Video, wall putty, flour, salt, water, domestic objects
Dimensions variable

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