McNally School
of Fine Arts

Chang Xuan Hui

Chang Xuan Hui

BA(Hons) Fine Arts
2019 — 2022

Xuan Hui is an illustrator and pop culture enthusiast, and the bearer of many identities, faces, bodies and lives across both physical and digital realms. She is a multimedia artist who perceives the world around her through the politics of cuteness and intimacy, between entities whose existence wavers between the physical and digital.

Drawing inspiration from different facets of pop culture such as animation, games and various subcultures, she infuses her artistic practice with charismatic aesthetics that draw the audience into the cross-dimensional world of her fictitious deities who reign over the digital realm. Her media include assemblage, video, illustration, installation, digital renders and cosplay as performance art.


神様もかわいいになりたい!!god wants to be cute too!! [ pin up priestess ]
Digital print
42 x 59 cm

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