McNally School
of Fine Arts

Jasmine Rachel Pegg Qian Hui

Jasmine Rachel Pegg Qian Hui

Diploma in Fine Arts
2019 — 2022

Jasmine Pegg is a graphic novel artist based in Singapore. She is graduating with a Diploma in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts. A lot of her work depends on her surroundings, which have constantly changed as she moved twice around the world. As well as her physical experience, the narratives and encounters in her life play a substantial role in her creative process.

She participated in painting a mural for Chatsworth International School, where she created a collaborative appreciation of the scenery around the campus. Recently, her works have taken on a ‘storybook’ structure, as seen in her projects during the second year of her diploma studies. Her book cover project Doki Doki (2021) aimed to create images in which a story could be told without revealing every element. This project has sparked further interest in picture books and digital illustration.


A love letter for those who feel they cannot love properly.
Video and sound work
3:00 mins

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