McNally School
of Fine Arts

Shree Suvarna (esherblue)

Shree Suvarna (esherblue)

Diploma in Fine Arts
2019 — 2022

Shree Suvarna (esherblue) initially specialised in creating illustrative graphic novels, but recently gained an interest in showcasing her fantastical narratives in three dimensions, as well as time-based works. She is inspired by nature, personal experiences and films of different genres and cultures, from whimsical animations to darker psychological thrillers, and often likes to combines these contrasting interests in the narratives behind her works.


Library of Remnants
1. Book diorama: found book, air dry clay, watercolour paint, gouache paint, oil paint, flocking, static grass, tissue paper and 1 metre fairy lights (plus separate speaker with audio)
2. Animation: made on Procreate, showcased on a printed poster that is accessed by Artivive app
21.5 x 14 x 3.5 cm (book diorama); 42 x 59.4 cm (poster for animation)

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