Puttnam School
of Film & Animation

BA(Hons) Film

Duka Lara

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Erik, the only Malaysian foreign worker on a mussel farm full of Burmese workers, is ready to return home after two years when his employer suddenly informs him that he cannot leave. Upset and distraught, Erik isolates himself on the farm while the other workers head to the mainland for a night out. Alone on the farm, Erik seeks comfort in Cinta, a sea spirit of his own manifestation.

Film type: Short fiction
Genre: Drama
Aspect ratio: 5:3

Country: Singapore
Language: Malay, English

Director / Producer / Scriptwriter: Nuryn Adryana
Assistant Director: Lim Yuzheng
Story: Ashraf Arshad
Editor: Chui Lei
Director of Photography: Harris Saifudin
Audio Mixing: Kendrick Quah
Production Designer: Aeryn Chong
Production Manager: Wong Xiao Xuan
Production Assistants: Khalid Sukaimi, Sufi Khal
1st Camera Assistant: Angel Shu
2nd Camera Assistant: Syakir Bahrin
3rd Camera Assistant: Winston Hong
Gaffer: Song Zhi Yi (Dan)
Grips: Harrison Bo Born, Izzul Hakim, Afiq Aris, Clyde Kam, Muhammad Syafi'ie Bin Jupri
Boom Operator: Gavin Chua
Art Director: Liyana Khalid
Props Master: Winnie Katherine
Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe: Lin Anchi
Art Assistants: Ong Leang Ren, Tan Ker Wei