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BA(Hons) Film

Unmaiyana Nan (As I Am)

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Before Ambika was born, it was almost sure she would be a girl. But when the time came, that was not the case. Through the years, Ambika found her calling in the temple her family frequented. No one would have guessed that a part of her weekly routine would become such a pivotal moment, changing the course of her life. She knew she was meant to be a girl. Unmaiyana Nan follows Ambika as she overcomes stereotypes and disapproval from her family and society while learning to love herself.

Film type: Short documentary
Genre: Biopic
Aspect ratio: 16:9

Country: Singapore
Language: English, Tamil

Director / Editor / Audio Mixing: Kristen Sylvia Pal
Producer: Liyana Khalid
Director of Photography: Chong Jia Wei (Aeryn)