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Rafi, a day trader who lives by and for himself, learns about the existence of his half-brother Marcus, a teenage artist, through his long estranged father. When Marcus moves in, they immediately butt heads in the small shared space due to their polar opposite lifestyles. They slowly tolerate and begin to learn from each other, until life throws them another curveball. Will they go their separate ways, or take a leap of faith?

Film type: Short fiction
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Aspect ratio: 2.4:1
Runtime: 00:14:25

Country: Singapore
Language: English

Director / Scriptwriter / Editor: Christopher Chow Wen Hoong Austria
Producer: Joyce Chua Wen Yuan
Director of Photography: Charles Asvanth Kathiravan
Art Director: Yao Jingyi
Soundman: Zhang Junjie
Gaffer: Lew Junde
Production Assistant: Brydan Lim Zijie