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Sometimes You Go Places

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After escaping an abusive household, Azria and Cariza seek refuge at a women's shelter. Azria's suppressed feelings about being caught between her parents start to resurface during Christmas, when she needs to make an important decision.

Film type: Short fiction
Genre: Drama
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Runtime: 00:17:23

Country: Singapore
Language: English and Tagalog


Director: Airiz Angel Christal Gallyot
AD / Assistant Producer / Art Assistant: Umairah Binte Muhammad Nasruddeen
Producer: Carrie Woo Jialin
Scriptwriter / Editor: Airiz Angel Christal Gallyot, Renny Nadira
Director of Photography: Renny Nadira
Art Director: Clara Gianna Barbero
Gaffer: Mohamed Akid B Mohamed Hizam
Boom Operator and Grip: Jackson Mok
1st Camera Assistant: Tricia Koh
2nd Camera Assistant: Zulhaira Jamaludin
Production Assistant and Art Assistant: Ethan Sim
Location Sound Recordist and Art Assistant: Shaina Zemira Gabrielle
Art Assistants: Carrie Woo Jialin, Claire Kaur Tsumura
Grip: Nicholas Tay