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我哋三個 (The Three Of Us)

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Raised in a conservative household, Philip has managed to keep his relationship with Lawrence a secret for over two years. However, he has also been hiding this secret from Ava, their childhood friend who secretly harbours feelings for Philip. Now that the truth is out, Philip is forced to choose – to live in the way that society and his family want him to, or to take the plunge and be true to himself.

Film type: Short fiction
Genre: Drama, Romance
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Runtime: 00:16:30

Country: Singapore
Language: Cantonese

Director / Scriptwriter: Zach Seak Zhen Tsing
AD: Zackery Wang
Producer: Peng Siyi
Assistant Producer: Tan Kyra
Director of Photography: Teng Tien Yih
Editor: Seak Zhen Tsing, Harshan Kumar
Soundtrack: Jason Yu , Dominic Chin
Gaffer: Tammy Tang
Grip: Wong Xiao Xuan
Camera Operator 1: Wayne Chan
Camera Operator 2: Andy Hui
1st Camera Assistant: Dominique Wong Kawai
2nd Camera Assistant: Melrone Chow
Location Sound: Irsyad Zahary
Art Director: Haleet Subhan
Production Driver: Mohamad Helmi Bin Mazlan