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Contemporary Music

Ezekiel Liaw Sheng Man

Ezekiel Liaw Sheng Man

BA(Hons) Music
2019 — 2022

Ezekiel is a classically-trained saxophonist with experience in various ensemble settings of different genres, including solo performances. He has been learning the saxophone from the age of nine, achieving both ABRSM Saxophone and Theory Grade 8.

Since 2019, Ezekiel has been teaching adults and children in various genres including pop and jazz. He also taught as a band instructor at Pathlight — a school for autistic students. Being primarily self-taught, Ezekiel’s musical journey and struggles have allowed him to have a deeper understanding of the saxophone, and draw upon various resources and experimentation techniques to strengthen his craft.

Ezekiel has been exploring classical music improvisation and composition as a means of better understanding the link between the human psyche and emotions with musical performance and perception. He believes this can help achieve stronger immersion in our music and deeper reflection on one’s musical performance.


Ezekiel has been a member of various wind bands as a saxophonist since the age of nine. He has taken part in both professional and non-professional performances with various wind bands throughout his life. He has participated in both local and international wind band competitions, achieving the highest award attainable in most competitions including the Singapore Youth Festival 2011, an international band festival held in Sydney in 2010, and the Singapore International Band Festival 2018.

During his time at LASALLE College of the Arts, he has performed solos in smaller music events such as performing at Mount Elizabeth Hospital with his classmates, LASALLE Open House 2020 and Bel Amour: A Valentine’s Season Piano Recital (2020) which was organised and carried out by LASALLE classical music students at [email protected] He has also performed in bigger concerts like Piano Voyage: A Global Transmission, and Piano Voyage: A Night at the Opera.

See his portfolio here.

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