School of
Contemporary Music

Giselle Koh

Giselle Koh

BA(Hons) Music
2020 — 2022

Giselle is a composer who often works in film scoring. Her music is inspired by famous composers such as William Harry and Hans Zimmer. Though she does not have much experience in writing music for larger orchestras, she never fails to strive for the best and let her music tell the story. As a composer and conductor, Giselle aims to convey messages to her audience through her melodies and harmonies.

Throughout her years in music, Giselle has progressed from being a small sectional leader in a band, to a graduating composer. After facing many challenges in her journey, Giselle continues to prove that sky's the limit when a determined heart is involved.


Giselle’s notable performances include The Living Composers Series (2021) and Young Pianist’s Concert (2014) at The Arts House. In addition, she also performed the ROCK Concert series with GSSCO and NYPCO at Esplanade (2015–2017). She is currently leading a group of 26 members in Tree of Life Christian Church as the choirmaster. Her upcoming performance will include The Living Composers Series at LASALLE and the School of Contemporary Music graduation recital (2022).

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