School of
Contemporary Music

Mohamed Mirza Shah Bin Mohamed Iqbal (Shah)

Mohamed Mirza Shah Bin Mohamed Iqbal (Shah)

Diploma in Audio Production
2019 — 2022

Shah has been working in the industry since he was 13 years old, and has been a FOH engineer for a few bands in Singapore and overseas. On top of FOH, he has experience mixing monitors as well. Shah has also confidently handled stagehand duties, A2, mixing, master, set up and teardown, rigging, sound design, system engineering, RF engineering and served as head of audio.

Audio is an important medium to him as his father was in the industry, and he wishes to follow in his footsteps and uphold the family name. Shah can also set up musical instruments and will always standby for MI. Despite live sound and theatre being totally different, he has adapted himself to working in both.


Shah has worked as FOH engineer on a number of productions, including Nycthemeron, People, Lunchtime Concert Series: Jazz Djoget, The Swimming Pool Library, Baybeats (MEAN), RED Blood Drive and Ignite Music Festival (MEAN). He was the head of audio for The Evolution of Musical Theatre (dir. Erwin Shah), QLab operator for PillowMan, MONS engineer for Wali Band Indonesia and system engineer for Yellow Ribbon. Shah was also in charge of venue for Rock & Indie Festival, and part of the crew for the School of Contemporary Music graduation recitals.

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