School of
Contemporary Music

Nurhidayah Binti Mohammad Azman

Nurhidayah Binti Mohammad Azman

Diploma in Audio Production
2019 — 2022

Coming from a long line of musicians and creatives, Hidayah has been exposed to many different genres and musical styles, which led her to pursue music at the age of nine. She picked up instruments like the piano and acoustic guitar as a hobby and was chosen to perform at multiple events for her arts academy. She also served as the music director for one of her academy’s year-end productions, in which she showcased her original works. As Hidayah continued to expand her knowledge in music, she was eager to learn more about the process of organising a music festival, as well as the technicalities of music production. Her experience in LASALLE has made her highly skilled in the technical and creative aspects of live sound, as well as studio productions.


Hidayah worked on a variety of music festivals, some of which include the Rock & Indie Festival (2020) as venue coordinator, Nychthemeron (2020) as assistant head of audio, as well as the School of Contemporary Music graduation recitals (2021) as a stage manager and monitor engineer. Hidayah also actively contributed to two theatre and musical theatre productions in 2021. She served as the RF, recording and audio-post engineer for Homesick (dir. Peter Zazzali), a theatrical production in collaboration with BA(Hons) Acting. She also worked on the BA(Hons) Musical Theatre production From Stage To Screen (dir. Edith Podesta) as the head of audio and FOH engineer.

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