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Contemporary Music

Rai Ramlan (cxl fka collide)

Rai Ramlan (cxl fka collide)

Diploma in Audio Production
2019 — 2021

Rai is a sound designer and multi-instrumental artist who makes use of experimental methods to achieve his sounds. No matter the genre, Rai has delved into them. He is also a part-time audio engineer who has worked with a multitude of local bands and artists in the industry as a mixing/mastering engineer. He also scores music for indie films. He has worked for companies like AVID Technology, Mediacorp and Splice as a sound designer/post editor.

Rai was also part of several projects as a performer and session musician, including Saints Amongst Sinners, Big Ugly, cxl. and LA ROYALE SOUND SYSTEM. He has also toured to perform alongside Indonesian bands such as Bedchamber and grrrlgang.


Rai has performed at ITE’s Rock Central (2018), National Youth Council’s YOUTHx (2019), Rock & Indie Festival (RIF) 2021, and Internet Fwends 9 (2019). He was also the youngest performer in experimental electronic music festival CHOPPA (2020), performing alongside electronic artist IAMFRUZ and visual artist Deon (visualvissionnn). Rai is also part of the band Big Ugly and post-rock project cxl, writing and producing music for both.

He performed as a solo artist alongside notable artists such as Halal Sol and Fauxe in CTM Festival’s Radio Call (2021). He also engineered for shows such as RIF, and an experimental telematics project in 2021 in Zurich and Brazil, with artists Intriguant, Yu Hang and Ridz Razali, alongside the Diploma in Performance students.

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