School of
Contemporary Music

Bruce Fok Yi Han

Bruce Fok Yi Han

Diploma in Music
2019 — 2022

Bruce has been exposed to a huge range of music genres, and is willing to experiment and take different approaches to creating new sounds, meshing different nuances of multiple genres to create avant-garde music.

One of the many goals he has is to push the music scene in Singapore to a place it has yet to be, and open people’s eyes to how much more music can be. With a hunger to think outside the box and not follow the beaten path, Bruce has been able to create a sound that is unique to him, and is important to his identity as a musician. Music is everything to Bruce and he will do whatever he can to further push the limits of music, while taking the time to improve and discover new sounds.


Bruce played for Zhenghua Secondary School’s Awards Day in 2016 and 2018. He has also earned himself a Grade 5 certificate in Piano. He has some released and upcoming music under the artist name Daigo, that he puts out on YouTube and SoundCloud. As a keyboardist, Bruce has also played in ensembles for his school work, learning how to work with other fellow musicians.

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