School of
Contemporary Music

Pantakij Poomunjerd (Samuel)

Pantakij Poomunjerd (Samuel)

Diploma in Music
2020 — 2022

Samuel is a pianist/keyboardist, composer, music arranger and synth player from Thailand. Influenced by psychedelic, dream pop, sugary pop, disco and electronic music from the late 60s and early 70s, as well as modern artists such as Daft Punk, Samuel aims to create psychedelic-pop projects in his home country by using his own life experiences, and weaving his emotions through his synth playing.

Since high school, Samuel has always wanted a career in music. He finds it fascinating that music can bring out emotions in many people. His journey in LASALLE has not only reassured him but also drives him forward to make his dreams become a reality. He is committed to becoming a successful artist or musician, to inspire others and to do what he loves for everyone and anyone to enjoy.


Samuel was the winner of the Thailand Drumline Contest in the Junior Division in both 2012 and 2013. He finished in the top twelve at the Winter Guard International (2014), and was the keyboardist for The Fluerist in 2019. Samuel signed on to Panda Records in 2021, and is the composer, arranger, and keyboardist of the band Kalapapruek.

Find him on Spotify here.

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