School of
Contemporary Music

Puvnaram S/O Ramanathan

Puvnaram S/O Ramanathan

Diploma in Music
2019 — 2022

Puvnaram started playing guitar at the age of 16, after finding his passion in videogame music. His influences came from progressive metal bands such as Opeth and Dream Theatre.

After joining LASALLE, Puvnaram discovered his love of R&B and jazz artists such as Tom Misch. He is also interested in film scoring and the composition aspect of it. Mentored by Daniel Chia, Puvnaram is known for his versatile playing and friendly personality. He hopes to become a music producer of all genres, and to perform his original compositions.


Before joining LASALLE, Puvnaram played in various bars and different metal bands under NP Amplify in 2019, and took part in VOMG Battle of the Bands with his band Pentagram. During his second year, he played in two different showcase bands and helped his fellow Diploma in Music Level 3 students in their recital performances.

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