School of
Contemporary Music

Shaun Goh Wei Jin (Genesis Keefer)

Shaun Goh Wei Jin (Genesis Keefer)

Diploma in Music
2019 — 2022

Genesis Keefer is a beat-maker/guitarist who specialises in deep, groovy and punchy tunes. Growing up listening to instrumental hip-hop music and starting out in music as a beatboxer, Genesis Keefer’s music is sure to provide satisfying and meditative beats. He is currently working on more projects and new sounds, streaming on Twitch and collaborating with different artists from all around the world to spread the love for instrumental hip-hop beats.


Genesis Keefer has been busking on the streets of Singapore from 2014–2018. He started doing gigs in 2014, ever since he found a love for being on stage for the first time doing beatbox.

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