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BA(Hons) Arts Management

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Eco-theatre art production process: A case study on Extinction Feast by Practice Tuckshop

The aim of this thesis is to develop the theory on the aesthetic contract (relationship between space, artist and audience) to understand eco-theatre and its art production process. The aesthetic contract, as defined by Pick, refers to “continuously bringing together, in the best possible circumstances, the best work of art with the best possible public.” This theory can be applied to various forms of artworks but there are gaps in the application of this theory in the subject of eco-theatre. Eco-theatre as an art form works on the ethos of collaborations, storytelling and its thematics in ecological principles. This exploration in the research is done so as to better understand the nuances involved in eco-theatre-making as compared to other forms of traditional theatre. Using Extinction Feast by Practice Tuckshop as a case study, the research shows what the current practices in eco-theatre are in the context of Singapore and what direction Singaporean eco-theatre artists are moving towards, from initial conceptualisation to the final performative work. The significance of this study lies in informing our understanding of the omni-presence of environmental issues in our daily lives by providing a different perspective on art-making and theatre-making.

Keywords: eco-theatre, aesthetic contract, sustainability

Subtopics: art production processes of eco-theatre companies

Alvarez Victoria Shanelle Letun

Alvarez Victoria Shanelle Letun

Victoria pursued her interest in the arts by enrolling in the BA(Hons) Arts Management programme at LASALLE College of the Arts. Having graduated with her Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management, she decided to deepen her understanding of the arts industry, especially in the fields of arts marketing and socially-engaged practices.

For her undergraduate thesis, she examined the current discourse in the arts and the environment in Singapore. With an understanding of the arts production process in eco-theatre companies, she hopes to discover the current direction that eco-theatre companies are moving towards as well as their challenges faced along the way.

Work experience

Apr 2021 – Feb 2022
Production assistant

Oct 2020 – Jan 2021
ARTWALK Little India (2021)
Marketing and publicity

Mar 2016 – July 2016
John and Deniece Glee Studios
Administrative and programming intern