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The intersection between digital platforms and street dance in the Singapore dance ecosystem: Embrace or contain?

With Singapore's increasing reliance on digitalisation over the last decade, social media has undeniably grown in popularity, as has its number of users. This growing online presence has had an impact on all industries, including the world of street dance. Choreographers and dancers can easily post their content on social media and attain fame through shared videos, due to the increased visibility social media offers. Though some argue that this creates unrealistic expectations, others say that it lowers the barrier to entry for beginners in dance. The street dance community in Singapore has seen tremendous growth in many areas, including dance studios, job opportunities, and overall youth participation — indicating its potential to be a sustainable industry in the local arts landscape.

However, because street dance is a foreign culture that has been adopted and cultivated by locals, there appears to be underlying factors that are unique to a practitioner's experience here in Singapore. This study uses qualitative data collection methods to discover the relationship between social media and street dance. This study aims to first fill the gaps in the documentation of Singapore's street dance subculture and, subsequently, provide insights by highlighting the perspectives of new generation practitioners.

The findings of this study mostly align with existing international research findings on social media usage, but they also reveal nuances which are specific to Singapore. Findings reveal the difficulties that a local street dance practitioner would face as a result of media consumption, when viewed through the lens of embodiment. It also emphasises how the nature of hip-hop subculture reflects the individualistic yet fluid identities of local dancers, which could potentially bring to light the idea of a potential collective 'Singaporean' identity in the future.

social media, street dance, Singapore, dancers experience, identity, embodiment

street dance subculture, perspective of dancers

Jolie Lim Shan Wen

Jolie Lim Shan Wen

Jolie’s love for the arts started at the age of 10 and has grown ever since. Her passion revolves around the sphere of performing arts, where she started out doing ballet and tap dance, then dabbled in the keyboard, ventured into choir and show choir, and later joined the hip-hop club in polytechnic, representing the club in external competitions and performances.

Aside from being an active dancer, Jolie constantly explores various disciplines to broaden her creative pursuits. She has exposed herself to different roles such as artist liaison, project management and arts marketing through her years of arts management education, all of which she has thoroughly enjoyed and continues to practice.

She is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to take on challenges and takes pride in everything she does by giving her 101%. An enthusiastic individual with an adventurous personality, Jolie strongly believes that with perseverance and optimism, nothing is impossible and hopes to continue spreading her love for art to others around her for as long as she can, and make a difference to the local arts community in the future.

Work experience

May 2021 – Aug 2021
Cross Ratio Entertainment
Talent management assistant

Sep 2018 – Aug 2020
Universal Studios Singapore
Casual stage manager

2016 – present
Freelance event assistant