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Cultural globalisation in Singaporean english pop: Exploring perspectives and attitudes of local Gen Z

Though some writings exist, the perception and attitudes of Gen Z towards Singaporean English pop music has not been explored. According to Hear65, a platform which promotes Singaporean music, the general understanding remains that Gen Z does not support Singaporean music as a whole. With a saturated soundscape, advancement of technology and advent of online streaming platforms, Gen Z is exposed to content from around the globe. Obtaining support from locals is known to be difficult for Singaporean English pop musicians in this soundscape. Therefore, this research aims to answer the essential question: Do Singaporean English pop musicians have to conform to westernisation to achieve support from Singapore's Gen Z?

Elements of the study firstly includes a survey on Singapore's Gen Z to obtain quantitative data of their music consumption habits and perceptions of the genre based on pride, international marketability, appeal and relevance. Secondly, a focus group was conducted with Gen Z individuals to further understand their attitudes and obtain qualitative data. The final stage consisted of conducting interviews with two music managers who provided information on their perspective of the relationship between Singapore's Gen Z and Singaporean English pop music. The questions posed throughout the different stages were based on the data collected at every stage prior.

This research applies key conceptual frameworks of 'cultural globalisation', 'cultural homogenisation' and 'cultural hybridisation'. This research has found that Singapore's Gen Z is keen to support Singaporean English pop music. However, they lack the knowledge and exposure to develop a sense of pride and would like to see more songs that speak on local socio-political issues. The paper will provide suggestions that aim to empower the local music scene and companies, and increase support from Gen Z.

Keywords: Singaporean english pop music, Gen Z, cultural globalisation, cultural homogenisation, cultural hybridisation

Subtopics: lack of exposure and knowledge, lack of support from Gen Z

Nur Atikah Binte Mohamad Azami

Nur Atikah Binte Mohamad Azami

Atikah has a passion for the arts and curating meaningful experiences, and she hopes to continue doing so in all her pursuits. Throughout her time in the BA(Hons) Arts Management programme, she had the pleasure of being part of projects such as ARTWALK Little India (2021), overseeing the aspects of design and digital outreach. On the side, Atikah enjoys watching basketball and reading.

Work experience

2020 – 2021
ARTWALK Little India
Head of creative department

2020 – 2022
Art teacher

2022 – present
Initia Group
Project management intern