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Public participation in conserving built heritage: A case study of a ground-up built heritage conservation advocacy campaign, 'Save Dakota Crescent', Singapore

This research paper aims to identify the impact of public participation in the conservation of built heritage. This paper will focus on a specific category of built heritage – everyday architectures – using the 'Save Dakota Crescent' campaign as a case study to explore public participation in the conservation of built heritage. The case study looks at the outcomes of this ground-up advocacy campaign for the conservation of Dakota Crescent, which included public participation and concluded with the government agreeing to partial conservation and repurposing of the site. This paper will explore the use of the public participatory approach to achieve a more sustainable and culturally rich urban landscape, as well as a more inclusive cultural conservation system. Singapore has always taken urban development seriously, but with its long history of bureaucratic systems, how impactful can public participation be?

public participation, built heritage conservation, ground-up initiatives, everyday spaces

public participation, built heritage conservation, ground-up initiatives, everyday spaces

Nurfalah Binte Sha'aban

Nurfalah Binte Sha'aban

Nurfalah is an individual who is highly motivated, passionate and versatile. She enjoys learning new things and constantly seeks ways to improve her knowledge and skills. Passionate about heritage matters, Nurfalah was motivated to lead the Kampung Gelam team for Project Rediscover (2021). She subsequently interned at Singapore Heritage Society, where she ran a social media campaign for Haw Par Villa. She is deeply interested in gathering and archiving oral history.

In 2021, Nurfalah launched naala&co, a photography and videography start-up with her fellow graduand. The company has worked on producing short videos and photos for archival and commercial purposes. She is keen on bringing naala&co to greater heights with future opportunities.

Nurfalah actively seeks new opportunities to gain valuable experiences in the ever-changing creative and heritage industries. She has actively volunteered as a museum host at the Asian Civilisations Museum since 2021. Nurfalah has also worked part-time as an usher at Esplanade Co. Ltd. since 2016. Nurfalah looks forward to continuing her career in the arts and heritage sector, where her passions and interests lie.

Work experience

2016 – present
The Esplanade Co Ltd
Casual usher