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Survive and thrive: How Singapore’s creative industries persisted through COVID-19

This research describes how COVID-19 has prompted government reactions, changed the operations and exposed the resilience of the creative industries in Singapore. To answer this question, the author examined materials published by the government in support of the creative industries during the pandemic, as well as organisation websites. The author also analysed newspaper articles, commentaries, speeches and social media material from the Singapore government and creative organisations. The findings revealed that the state implicitly shaped Singapore's creative sectors, and therefore its dependence on state support has strengthened its resilience in times of adversity. The findings also demonstrated how the local creative industries diversified their support channels by utilising technology and relying on other industries. However, the resilience of the creative industries has exposed a need to rethink the infrastructure of the creative industries in order to achieve future self-sustainability goals. Considering that COVID-19 is still an evolving virus, this research only covers data from January 2020 to December 2021. Thus, this research would fall short of documenting the complete responses of the local creative industries to the pandemic as they continued to adjust to working with COVID-19.

Keywords: Singapore, COVID-19, responses, creative industries, qualitative research

Subtopics: government responses, operational changes, resilience of creative industries, document analysis, content analysis

Sarah Chee

Sarah Chee

Sarah loves turning her dreams into reality, including making an impact in the creative industries one day. Sarah has a Diploma in Visual Communications and is graduating with a BA(Hons) Arts Management from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2022. She constantly seeks out new experiences that allow her to grow and mature, and her current interests are museum management, art policies and people.

In her career, she has delivered numerous projects involving graphic design, branding and marketing for companies such as Disney, Sunglass Hut, Genesis Architects and more. As a result, she has honed her expertise in design while building on her project management skills, and can navigate tight timelines with ease. Sarah can be counted on to bring fresh ideas and provide different perspectives to situations.