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Exploring competitiveness: How has the intervention of the Ministry of Culture helped theatre companies in Taiwan survive the pandemic

This research aims to investigate how theatre companies in Taiwan have strengthened their competitiveness and survived the effects of the pandemic by exploiting the assistance provided them by the Ministry of Culture.

Keywords: theatre company, arts and culture relief, Ministry of Culture, pandemic, competitiveness

Subtopics: non-profit performing arts companies in Taiwan

Tiffany Chang Chia Yun

Tiffany Chang Chia Yun

Tiffany is a Taiwanese theatre artist and writer. Over the years, she has done many cross-disciplinary collaborations and creations in the theatre industry. As the founder of her company Morning Sun Collective, she also fulfils the roles of theatre director and playwright, combining psychology and western philosophical methods to create various different scripts and artworks.

Work experience

2018 – present
Morning Sun Collective
Artistic director

醉生夢死 Erosion, a multi-disciplinary exhibition (Singapore)
Theatre director, playwright, collaborator

Formosa Art Fair Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Marketing assistant

坦誠計畫, a theatre and psychology collaboration with Child PSY Clinic (Taiwan)
Curator, arts manager

REONE Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Production manager