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Museum education and interactive experiences: Case study of ArtScience Museum and National Museum of Singapore

The past decade has seen museums shifting from collections-driven institutions to visitor-focused organisations. Museums today face the challenge of competing with various leisure activities to attract new contemporary visitors and tourists. With the rise of digitisation, entertainment trends driven by technology have been adapted by museums to bring exhibitions to life, providing an interactive and immersive experience. As such, this paper raises the question of how educational messages are delivered through these experiences. Looking into the Singapore context, this paper utilises case studies of 'ultra-technologists' teamLab's exhibitions in FUTURE WORLD at ArtScience Museum and Story of the Forest at National Museum of Singapore to explore the educational potential of their interactive experience, drawing on theories such as edutainment and George Hein’s constructivist theory in museum education.

To gather results, a qualitative research of interviews with museum curators and observations of visitor behaviour was employed. These methodologies provided insights into the curators’ vision and decision-making process, as well as how visitors engage and interact with the space, including added elements through mobile devices. The findings supported that edutainment is still relevant in Singapore’s museum context and supports Hein’s constructivist model in museum education. Further findings reveal missed opportunities for educational messages to be delivered and the importance of providing visitors with mixed methods of approach in delivering these messages so as to cater to visitors of all groups and ages.

Finally, this paper invites museums and curators to rethink and reshape their interactive offerings and prompts for a balance between traditional and modern museum entertainment trends. The results of this paper further create the foundation for a better understanding of the approaches to visitor experience in an interactive and immersive museum, which may assist in the development of programmes for their diverse range of contemporary visitors.

Keywords: ArtScience Museum, constructivist learning theory, edutainment, interactive experiences, museum education, National Museum of Singapore, visitor engagement

Subtopics: social interaction, content participation, self-learning

Yeo Siew Ju

Yeo Siew Ju

Siew Ju is a driven individual who is passionate about the arts and education sector. She is constantly in search of various unique experiences, through which she can explore different art forms. Her interest lies in visual arts and design, especially for young children. Prior to pursuing her studies at LASALLE College of the Arts, Siew Ju graduated with a Diploma in Design and took a gap year to chase her passions in the education sector. She aspires to pursue a career in arts education and hopes to bring the arts to future generations as a form of empowerment. In her leisure time, she enjoys visiting museums and creating hands-on crafts, constantly coming up with new ideas for her small craft business @craftfolks.

Work experience

Jul 2018 – present
Artrary Pte Ltd
Freelance art teacher

May 2021 – Jul 2021
Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
Intern, education and outreach programme

Sep 2020 – Mar 2021
ARTWALK Little India (2021)
Festival organiser, head of logistics