School of Creative

Zhang Xinyin

Zhang Xinyin

MA Arts and Cultural Leadership
2021 — 2022

Xinyin is a professional designer with broad industry experience in branding and graphic media design. She is highly skilled in Adobe Creative Suite and web/mobile design solutions such as Illustrator, InDesign and Sketch.

Apart from being a cheerful, responsible and productive individual, Xinyin also enjoys teamwork and brings value to any team she works with. Her passion lies in elevating brand value and creating innovative experiences with her expertise in visual communication and UX.


Research interests

Digital art, NFTs, metaverse and millennial audiences.

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Thesis abstract

A new era in digital art: how Chinese emerging artists are evolving with NFTs

NFT has recently become a buzzword in the media and arts industries, with some iconic examples redefining the format, collection, provenance and rights of art. In the meantime, debates and discussions have arisen around this topic, with some referring to NFT art as the 'emperor's new clothes' – real money exchanged for an invisible and intangible code, while others claim that NFT art's key attributes of being indivisible, irreplaceable, and unique enable better protection of creator rights, and ultimately foster a healthy artistic ecosystem.

It can be argued that this new cultural and artistic phenomenon needs to be observed more in-depth, particularly the real-world effects on artists. Hence, this dissertation examines the development of NFTs in China and abroad, looking into the strengths and challenges of NFTs with regard to identification, authentication and collection, and discussing the impact of NFTs on the overall Chinese art market and artists.

Based on the agenda above, this thesis aims to contribute to knowledge about NFTs in China at the present time and provide young artists with industry information and recommended paths to navigate an art world changed by the blockchain technology boom.