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Anisha Ralhan

Anisha Ralhan

MA Creative Writing
2020 — 2021

Prior to enrolling in the MA Creative Writing programme at LASALLE College of the Arts, Anisha worked as a copywriter for over eight years. Her last stint was at Ogilvy Singapore. In 2016, she won several awards for her campaigns for Volkswagen and The Give India festival.

Her non-fiction essays have been published in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, The Hindu and Arre. In 2021, her writing was featured in the digital exhibition (Un)becoming, which highlighted the tenacious relationship between mothers and daughters. Her essay 'Limpeh Says: You're not a foreigner anymore' is going to be published in Growing Up Indian, an anthology of essays by AWARE.

When not writing or overdosing on black tea, she plays board games, dishes out unwanted opinions on her favourite TV shows and beats her cat in staring competitions.

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Thesis work

Alone Together is a collection of short stories which articulates the feeling of loneliness as well as social alienation experienced by educated, professional Indian immigrants in their journeys to a better socio-economic future in Singapore. Some of the stories are fairly contemporary, as they respond to the heightened loneliness brought upon by prolonged social isolation during the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. Others portray migrant characters intimately suffering the pains of dislocation and disruption while reconciling with the notion of a transnational home, having left their childhood, familial and/or legal homes behind. The characters’ inner wells of loneliness motivate them to seek new relationships or break out of existing ones.

Published work and readings

Published works

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