School of Creative

Nicole Kwan

Nicole Kwan

MA Creative Writing
2018 — 2021

Nicole is the founder of The Tapestry Project SG, a non-profit community mental health publication which champions the stories of persons with lived experience. Nicole has presented her personal creative work at the Georgetown Literary Festival and Australasian Association of Writing Programs (AAWP). She also spearheaded the programme 'Sit With Me' at the Singapore Writers Festival in 2020. Nicole has a keen interest in narrative therapy, as well as identity at the intersections of mental health and language.

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Thesis work

Good Intentions is a play that examines the dialogic interactions between self-identity, language and power in the context of mental health advocacy. Framed by Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory and the lens of autoethnography, the play portrays the 'self' as a by-product of intervening factors such as medication, professional practice, relational dynamics, bureaucratic systems and prevailing social norms. The play observes the tension between self and society, and interrogates the idea of 'the greater good', what is 'good', for whom is it good and at what cost.

Published work and readings

Conferences and events

November 2018: 'Finding Home From the Outside In: 1 Reading by 5 Students from 12 Countries.' (Australasian Association of Writing Programs 23rd annual conference, Perth, Australia.
October 2018: Georgetown Literary Festival