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Dance & Theatre

Jayden Lim Jun De

Jayden Lim Jun De

BA(Hons) Acting
2019 — 2022

Jun De is a freelance theatre and film actor. He is a graduate of Wild Rice's Young & Wild (2019) and will be graduating with a BA(Hons) Acting from LASALLE in 2022. Jun De has great interest in uncovering the intricacies of the human psyche and aims to use his work to explore the different facets of the human condition.

During his time at LASALLE, he started to look inward at his identity and found that the uniqueness and eccentricity of his Singaporean-ness is something that he wishes to amplify in his theatre-making. He aims to bring theatre closer to the common Singaporean and to tell stories that will bond a community together, once he graduates. His film credits include the role of Wei Qi in Adulting, a Viddsee webseries.

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