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Dance & Theatre

Rebecca Ashley Dass

Rebecca Ashley Dass

BA(Hons) Acting
2019 — 2022

Rebecca began her acting career at the age of four, and her theatre journey when she was eight. Apart from theatre, Rebecca enjoys being in the company of her family, partner, three cats, and her closest friends – all two of them. She also enjoys attempting to paint, appearing seemingly engrossed in a book, watching films with subtitles and trying her best to be a good person.

Rebecca has been blessed with several opportunities to work with incredible people in some wonderful productions, namely SRT’s Blackbird (dir. Tracie Pang), Pangdemonium’s Spring Awakening (dir. Tracie Pang), Gateway Arts’ Smartypants and the Swordfish (dir. Samantha Scott-Blackhall), and several more. Rebecca is extremely grateful for her acting journey and education thus far. She hopes to continue her journey and create meaningful and groundbreaking works of art. She hopes you, dear reader, enjoy her work.

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