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Dance & Theatre

Siti Sara Hamid

Siti Sara Hamid

BA(Hons) Acting
2019 — 2022

Siti Sara is a Singaporean-born Indian-Javanese actor. She hopes to pursue anthropology while being a theatre practitioner and maker, to bring the Javanese culture to light in Singapore, as well as globally. Siti Sara also hopes to provide pastoral care for creatives through sex therapy, oracle card readings and other forms of divination practices.

Siti Sara is passionate about the loss of cultural identity that younger generations of Singaporeans have faced and are currently facing, because she too has lost a sense of her own cultural heritage through generational and ancestral assimilation. With that, she hopes to use her work through anthropology, theatre practice, divination and, in future, sex therapy, to help and encourage younger Singaporeans to embrace their cultural heritage and honour their ancestral roots, as well as break generational and ancestral trauma.

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