School of
Dance & Theatre

Seah Janice

Seah Janice

BA(Hons) Musical Theatre
2019 — 2022

Janice is a highly motivated, enthusiastic, and innovative individual who takes pride in wearing her heart on her sleeve. She has strived to acquire skills from her time in the BA(Hons) Musical Theatre programme at LASALLE College of the Arts, under the guidance of Akiko Otao (singing), Karen Lacey (Broadway jazz and Fosse), Charmaine Tay (jazz and ballet), Mary Ann Tear (voice), Edith Podesta and Alvin Chiam (acting). She can often be found rehearsing at early hours and undertaking a range of tasks — dance captain, video editor, and is a very strong team player.

With a love for singing and experience in dancing for over 17 years, she immediately found herself gravitating towards musical theatre, where she hopes to share the joy she has while performing with audiences, via the stage. She has always found self-expression through art and wishes to motivate others through her craft, to be the change they want to see.

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