School of
Dance & Theatre

Noor’Ain Afiqah Binte Noorhaili

Noor’Ain Afiqah Binte Noorhaili

Diploma in Technical and Production Management
2019 — 2022

Afiqah grew up with a background in music, and played in her school band. Afiqah’s love for events, arts and theatre led her to pursue the Diploma in Technical and Production Management at LASALLE College of the Arts. Key production roles during her time at LASALLE include being a stage manager and a show caller. Afiqah has worked with many distinguished Singaporean directors and practitioners, and has undertaken a variety of stage management roles, as well as discovered her unexpected passion for arts marketing.

Outside of theatre, Afiqah loves to create short films or videos. Afiqah hopes to continue her studies at LASALLE by pursuing a BA(Hons) Arts Management degree.

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