School of Design

Goh Sing Hong

Goh Sing Hong

BA(Hons) Design Communication
2020 — 2022

Sing Hong is a designer whose absurd and reflective explorations respond to the relationship between man and our immediate environment. Through a multidisciplinary approach, she hopes to provide a myriad of embodied experiences and initiate meaningful conversations. She is also known as @rousong.ware, a potter who makes both functional yet whacky ceramics.


Listening Lab

Listening Lab investigates sound experiences to potentially re-examine our relationship with both the man-made and natural soundscapes in Singapore. Employing techniques of field recording and computational programming, these explorations encourage the practice of active listening, prompting us to be mindful of silence. Through a series of audio-reactive artefacts and video installations, the work takes a deeper plunge into the natural world, beyond the mundane and merely visual, suggesting that the way we listen is both more complex and compelling than what meets the eye.

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