School of Design

Gerard Carl Quintana

Gerard Carl Quintana

Diploma in Design Communication
2019 — 2022
Gerard has always been interested in the human aspect of design and is a goal-oriented designer who always does his best to complete the given task effectively. With a specific interest in the way that humans interact with design, he wishes to specialise in UI/UX, designing apps and websites that can one day benefit consumers of the products he will design in the future. He is thankful for his time at LASALLE College of the Arts, as his experience in the programme has helped him realise his goal.


Are Robots Taking Over?

Are Robots Taking Over? is a content-curated microsite featuring an interview with former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov. Kasparov discusses his matches against supercomputer Deep Blue, touching on artificial intelligence and the future of humanity. An Instagram account coined HowTheKnightMoves was also created to attract chess enthusiasts to the site.

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