School of Design

Nabilah Isaman

Nabilah Isaman

Diploma in Design Communication
2019 — 2022

Nabilah is a multidisciplinary designer based in Singapore. She enjoys making work that explores the fusion of realism and abstraction through colour, typography and visual composition. Her versatility stems from her sensitivity to her subject matter and her keen observation skills. Nabilah is graduating with a Diploma in Design Communication, and aspires to develop a career within the fields of UI/UX design and visual branding.


Bunga Tanjung Music Festival

Blending the old with the new, Bunga Tanjung Music Festival brings back classic favourites from the 60s Pop Yeh Yeh era, connecting the older generation to their past while introducing the younger generation to a bygone era. This festival has been reimagined in the metaverse with a psychedelic aesthetic, and replicates the former Bunga Tanjung Concert Hall as its main setting. The upscale garden features a floating island with a custom-coloured stage setup, giant flowers and a magical mandi bunga pond. The avatars depict classic silhouettes from the 60s with a modern twist, customisable to the user's preference. Fast-paced and energetic, the various performances capture a quintessential old world charm.

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