School of Design

Anastasia Zenia

Anastasia Zenia

MA Design
2021 — 2022

Anastasia has four years of industry experience under her belt, with experience working for both startups and established brands in a variety of sectors. Passionate about design, she decided to pursue a Master’s degree to push her boundaries as a designer. She leverages her passion for culture in her work and hopes to integrate her design knowledge for initiatives towards cultural preservation.


Future of Craft: Re-introducing Peranakan Culture through Craft

This study looks at the ways that design has effectively changed the consumption of traditional crafts. A case study was conducted on traditional Peranakan beadwork, utilising insights and technology to create interactive tools to improve the accessibility of this declining aspect of Peranakan culture. This could lead to the preservation of this dying field of knowledge and skills, and at the same time, highlight the important role of craft in sustaining heritage in the future.

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