School of Design

Heider Ismail

Heider Ismail

MA Design
2020 — 2022

Heider is a new media artist who operates under the moniker thesupersystem.


Alam Se-kita

The island city-state of Singapore that sits at the southern tip of Malaysia is a prime example of a country that has emerged as a successful economic powerhouse in the late 20th century. Spanning roughly 721 km², Singapore has undergone rapid development and continues to expand its population. The island predominantly consisted of primary lowland rainforest (approx 80%) and considerable mangrove and freshwater swamps until the 1880s. Rapid deforestation, which began 150 years ago, has reduced rainforest cover to less than 2% of its original extent – 118 ha (0.16%) of primary forest and 995 ha (1.37%) of old secondary forest. Continous urban redevelopment of natural spaces has led to rising human-animal conflicts, the loss of natural habitats and a slew of other environmental problems.

How can design play a role in facilitating coexistence between humans and our non-human counterparts? Alam Se-Kita is a design initiative that explores the possibilities of transforming human-centred spaces into poly-species environments through post-human methodologies.

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