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Ann-Sophie Maria Mueller

Ann-Sophie Maria Mueller

BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries
2019 — 2022

Ann-Sophie is a Singapore-based entrepreneur and creative, who believes in the power and importance of emotional value. With communication design as her basis, her works seek to create meaningful conversations and provide emotional value. Her experience of living in different cultures has shaped her underlying approach into a multicultural and diverse one.



BEYONDLABEL is a data-driven fashion styling app, designed to cater to fashion-minded, digitally driven women globally. The app allows users to digitise their wardrobe and functions as a personal stylist, suggesting outfits that prioritise the user’s emotional state in their dressing practice. Through the power of emotional AI, the app seeks to harness clothing’s full potential to inspire, support and empower. By helping users rebuild an emotional connection and utilise their existing wardrobe in a way that truly supports them emotionally and practically, BEYONDLABEL aims to stir away from the ‘buy, use, dispose’ model and allow users to be both style-conscious and sustainability-minded at the same time.

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