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Kevin Tew Zhi Jie

Kevin Tew Zhi Jie

BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries
2019 — 2022

Kevin is an aspiring creative director and fashion stylist. He perceives fashion as a lens into a world of fantasy and make-believe, a world that is not necessarily bound by reality. He is inspired by emotions, which he translates into his work to give the final product a soul and a sense of relatability. As fashion garments are a vehicle that translates the stories of the people who wear them, Kevin incorporates the memories of others into his concepts, imbuing his final product with a sense of agency.


Fragmentary Blues of Dances Between Men

Adapted from the poems of Arthur Rimbaud's A Season In Hell, Fragmentary Blues of Dances Between Men is a fashion image and film project which investigates the objectification of the male subject through the different male gazes. The direction of the project binds the owner's heart at its centre and utilises episodic memories to create dreams of longing lovers, spun out of proportion into nine fragmented scenarios and rearranged in reminiscence. Boys waiting for boys no longer loving boys, bodies of boys against the eyes of other boys, boys left alone by boys, desirability against skin, dressing against undressing.

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