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Farah Liyana Teng

Farah Liyana Teng

Diploma in Fashion
2018 — 2022

Farah is a visual artist specialising in creative direction in fashion, whose body of work includes media such as fashion photography, film and mixed media illustration.

She unapologetically challenges modern conventions through the elegant, modest and avant-garde aesthetics in her work, which stem from her love for nature and the ocean. This is evident in the motifs and themes across her work and in her frequent use of natural lighting. Today, Farah's work stands testament to what she has experienced, endured and survived over the years, and she hopes to inspire the younger generation to stand up for their beliefs and search for the truth.



MUBORI is an affordable luxury fashion accessory brand born out of a love for fine arts and nature. The brand's concept is simple: wearable art pieces in the form of geometric nature-inspired bags, featuring 3D heat-manipulated fabrics. MUBORI draws its inspiration from the ocean, and the product lineup aims to inspire users to reconnect with nature.

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