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Syahmina Hashim

Syahmina Hashim

Diploma in Fashion
2018 — 2022

Syahmina is a creative emerging designer who is passionate about fashion. She expresses herself through her creations as she believes that fashion is all about self-identity. She is an individual who aspires to create conceptual fashion.


Fem à Leisure

Fem à Leisure delivers the feminine in leisure – the new normal where lingerie and leisure live side by side. Plenty of corsetry details are thrown into the mix in this collection. Reminiscing about the quarantine period during the pandemic, this collection explores the idea of 2-in-1, with lingerie pieces that are ideal for wearing both inside and out, without the hassle of changing. The main message of this collection is to create lingerie pieces with no restrictions, suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear.

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