School of Spatial &
Product Design

Hong Hyeonjun

Hong Hyeonjun

BA(Hons) Interior Design
2019 — 2022

Hyeonjun is an interior designer from South Korea, who is trained in architectural design and fine arts. He explores contemporary approaches with a deep understanding of human behaviour and space ideals. He loves challenges and comes up with innovative solutions to handle his work in methodological means. Hyeonjun's interest as a designer is boundless and extends beyond the creative field.


Yello Kindergarten

From the past to the present, educational space structures remain uniform and closed spaces for children's protection, which in turn suppresses their varied learning experiences. In today's rapidly changing society, it is vital for an educational space to develop children's creativity and diversity. This project thus focuses on transforming learning spaces into places where children can explore freely and communicate with nature.

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