School of Spatial &
Product Design

Frazer Ong

Frazer Ong

BA(Hons) Product Design
2020 — 2022

Frazer is a multidisciplinary designer driven by design that has purpose and function while remaining emotionally rich. He thrives in collaborative environments that span disciplines and bring together creatives to make experiences that are proactive, supportive, dependable and delightful. Standing by the philosophy that nothing ventured, nothing gained, Frazer's works are holistic, fluid and at times playfully unpredictable.


Ease – World's first self-cooking protein snack

Ease is the world's first self-cooking protein snack that utilises black solider fly larvae and existing technology to provide an alternative protein source in our daily diet. In the global race to improve food security, Ease helps large and densely populated urban areas grow an alternative protein source in the comfort of their homes.

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