School of Spatial &
Product Design

Huda Dini Binte Effandi

Huda Dini Binte Effandi

BA(Hons) Product Design
2019 — 2022

Huda is a curious designer who believes in exploring creativity through perceptive ways for users with different needs. Her main approach to design is through research, questioning current assumptions and boldly trying new things. Her strengths lie in being a keen observer of her surroundings, conducting research to gather insights on people’s lifestyles and using creativity to solve the problems around her. Recently, her interest has branched out into service design, experience design and industrial design backed by ethnographic studies.



Period. is a handheld device, targeted mainly towards visually-impaired women, which aims to promote a better understanding of their menstrual cycle and provide certainty in knowing when their menstruation starts and ends. This is achieved through the device's ability to identify and analyse the colour of users’ menstrual blood. By syncing with its companion mobile application, users are informed of the implications of the colour of their menstrual blood and whether there is a cause for concern.

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